When it comes to a loss of sexual desire, we are being showered with a lot of information regarding the sexual disorder in men. And what about women and their sexual desire?

·       Connection with a Woman’s Menopause

Usually, the decrease in the women’s sexual desire is linked to menopause. Some women experience low libido several years before their menopause, when their bodies start to produce less estrogen, but some other hormonal levels are in imbalance as well.

Some scientists have stated that the imbalance in testosterone levels may also cause a low libido in women so the doctors prescribe the therapy that includes this hormone. It is called testosterone replacement therapy.

·       Testosterone – The Facts about It

Although testosterone (T) is commonly known as a male hormone, a woman’s body also produces it. Besides being connected with a decrease of sex drive, low level of T is also associated with various health issues such as heart attack, fatigue, depression, weight gain etc.

On the other hand, the increase of T in a body may have truly positive effects such as great mood, more energy throughout the day and better sexual performance.

·       Various Options to Treat Low Level of T

When speaking on testosterone replacement therapy, you could improve your T level in various ways. There are a few testosterone supplements on the market:

  • Injections – The testosterone injections are pretty powerful because a certain dose of T goes straight to your bloodstream. That is why you should first do a blood test and consult a doctor before you decide to start this kind of treatment.
  • Booster supplements – By using the best male hormone supplements, many men have benefited so far. The results were different, for instance, some experienced the increase of energy and strength, but for the most important, they managed to increase the level of libido. Click here to buy the safest and effective testosterone pills on the market .
  • Patches – There are two types of patches: one is for the skin and the other is used orally (it should be stuck to your gums). This medication should not be used if you plan on becoming pregnant (or in case you already are pregnant).
  • Gels and creams – Testosterone in a form of gel or a cream should also be prescribed by your physician. Since there are some statements that this kind of medications could cause development of some manly characteristics in women (such as a deeper voice or thick body hair), it is not recommended to be used by them.
  • Pellets – Testosterone deficiency can also be treated by implanting a pellet under skin. This kind of therapy is good because the level of T is stable throughout the day. Some of the proven benefits of pellet treatment are the improvements related to sexual drive, nighttime sleep and menopausal headaches.

·       Will There Be Any Result After the T Therapy?

As some scientists have shown in their researches, treatment of low T can balance its level in one’s blood. The treatments can provide a comfort during the years women spend in menopause.

Of course, the results may vary – we are all different after all.

Estrogen function in males

There are certain things that men do not want to talk, even to doctors. It is easy to talk about cholesterol, high blood pressure or other obvious conditions. But when it comes to body parts of men find it difficult to break the silence. This was the case for a new patient came to me with a problem staff.

From puberty, this middle-aged man had been living with a condition called gynecomastia, a term which means “women like breasts. “Not surprisingly, he was reluctant to discuss his condition with me and was surprised to learn that other Male patients have the same problem. If you Are wondering why they have not heard of this condition before it is unusually large because Breasts are not something that men know.

The Amazing Truth is gynecomastia is more common than you think. He sees himself in adolescence boys who show signs of breast development during puberty. The hormones that cause changes in other body parts of a boy puberty is responsible for the growth of breast tissue and a common part of normal development for young men. In 90% of men, the symptoms disappear a few months. The other 1% of children reach adulthood is the development of women as their breasts. ”

The psychological effects can be devastating

Life “of women’s breast can lead to a deep man shame and embarrassment. Humiliation are common with a loss of masculinity. Gynecomastia is a disadvantage that can decrease the male ego and lead to low self-esteem if is not brought to the forefront. Many men who suffer the misfortune of abnormally large breasts to fight the anxiety of your life. Even young acts such as removing his shirt at the beach can be stressful.

My patient was no exception when it comes to embarrassing situations. It took time to have the courage to come into my office and discuss your problem. He is not alone. There are many success stories of men with gynecomastia who have conquered their fears and successfully completed the first step in changing your self-image. As with any fitness you must first find the cause to determine the best treatment method.

Possible causes of breasts in men

It is estimated that nearly 40% to 60% of the population affected men with abnormally large breasts and in their adult life. Some of the following causes:

Obesity – Overweight men breasts seem too big because of fat deposits, not the growth of breast tissue. This condition is known pseudogynecomastia.
or hormonal – As we age, men can develop an imbalance in the levels of testosterone estrogen, which tip the scales in favor of estrogen in tissues resulting in growth.
or medical conditions – It could be testicular or breast cancer, liver failure or other serious diseases.
or related drugs – Men who use anabolic steroids or drugs with estrogen can cause estrogen dominance.

Forms response to estrogen chest fat

Get Fit – Fat encourages higher levels of estrogen and estrogen stimulates fat and fluid retention. The achievement of specific exercises to develop the chest region. This type of exercise does not reduce breast size, but the press and reshaping the region of the chest. We offer the following push ups, dumbbell or barbell bench press and chest flies.

Exercises that boost metabolism are an effective way to burn fat. Studies have shown that Interval training burns fat more efficiently than traditional cardio routines that are long and boring used.

Eat Healthy – Eat a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

The alcohol and caffeine – Drink moderation

Estrogen – blockers and testosterone boosters – There are many supplements available to help balance the amount of estrogen that your body absorbs and stimulate production of testosterone. For example, Dindolymethane (DIM), a plant compound with Developers health, stimulates the metabolism of estrogen more effectively. Tribulus Extract helps boost levels of testosterone, while remaining within the normal range.

The anti-estrogen drugs – anabolic steroids are known to be blockers Estrogen, however, like any medicine, risk of side effects. It is best to consult your doctor to determine if is good for you.

Liposuction – Sometimes the aspiration and the excess fatty tissue is to remove everything that is necessary.

Surgery – as a last resort enlarged male breasts can be reduced by removing excess glandular tissue. The procedure usually done on an outpatient basis and takes an average of two hours. Of course, there is always risk when surgery is chosen as the best solution a health problem. Thorough research is recommended before surgery, cosmetic or otherwise.

If you or someone you know suffers from gynecomastia in secret, do not worry. The most important thing is not to live with the pain and humiliation goes with the state. While it is difficult to talk about their breasts to anyone, ask your doctor is the first step toward relief. Have the courage to talk to your doctor is a powerful way to begin the healing process, both physically and mentally.

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